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We all keep seeing advertisements which are saying that quickly improving your credit score is not possible but we also know that one of the most important factors for your credit score is credit utilization.Credit utilization is a total balance which is divided by total creditlimit and as you know you have a lot of control over it so it is possible to increase or decrease this total credit limit.
How we can improve our credit score quickly? Read our next advices and see what you can do.


Request a Credit Line Increase
Some credit card issuers offer you the option to request an increase for the credit line and this way you can extend your limit.They also can offer you an increase without making a credit inquire and this a good chance for you to take it.
Anyway, if they require additional informations from you then you can cancel your application because if they take your credit to be a part of the increase that you requested then your credit score will go lower than it is.

Pay Off Debt
While you pay your debt you also improve your credit score because you lower the amount owed.

Charge Less
By using your credit card less you can always boost your credit score because you’ll keep your credit statement balance lower and this way your credit utilization will go down.

Consolidate Credit Cards
You can always increase your credit lines age without reducing your total credit limit.This is the case if you have more cards from the same issuer and you can consolidate the new cards into the older ones just by calling the issuer customer service.Make sure you do this only if they assure you that your credit limit will stay at the same level.

Review Your Report for Errors and Omissions
Is good to review your credit report to see if there are any errors or even omissions.You can make sure you have all your account added there and if you see anything marked as negative and you think is not because of you then you can also dispute the problem and remove the mark.