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Every state has its own tax rules. Usually the tax decisions base upon the economical conditions of a state. Governments decide the taxes policy in view of this consideration. The best way to analyze the tax conditions of a certain place is by comparing the tax rates of different states. The following gives an insight into US tax system.
A comparative analysis of US taxes rates
Alabama is one of those states that have very low per capita tax. Moreover, it has low property taxes as well that makes $1801 per person. However, beer drinkers do not get a concession in this state and one has to pay $1.05 per person. The main source of income for Alaska is from gas and oil industry. Therefore, it has high corporate taxes. The revenue income of the people is also relatively high, they have to pay a high amount of property tax and that is about $1865 per person. The beer taxes of Alaska are the highest in the nation that is $1.07. Arizona has per capital tax total of about $3006.
The accumulated tax conclusion for Arizona is that it has low property taxes, but the sales taxes are comparatively higher and the transaction privilege system for taxes is responsible for this. Arkansas draws its maximum revenue through its sales, income and property tax. California has the highest income tax rate of 13.3 in the whole nation and there has been a significant increase in the Sales tax as well. Colorado is one of the few states that have tax rates for social security income and it has planning to bring in taxations rules for Marijuana use as well. Connecticut has taxes according to the high income of the resident individuals. Delaware experienced a tax rate decline in the 2011 and the tax rate fell down to 6.75%. However, the taxation rate became stable afterwards. The good news for Florida residents is that is a no income tax state. Hawaii holds the second highest position in the country when it comes to income tax.
Tax Foundation gives Idaho the 10th ranking when it comes to tax excisions. Illinois is also becoming one of the tax conscious states with a significant increase of 5% in the income tax. Kentucky has one major achievement to its credit and that is it has been able to make twenty seven thousand delinquent taxpayers as tax compliant. Louisiana has a huge mission. It wants to eliminate the income tax and raise the sales tax levels. Maine is one state that is very conscious about collecting property tax. Maryland follows one simple rule that if an individual has an income above 100,000 or 150,000 he will have to pay a raised income tax. Minnesota plans to bring many of the untaxed services under taxation. Mississippi does not charge any tax on retirement income. Tobacco users residing in Missouri can be very happy because the state has the lowest cigarette taxes. Nebraska is one state that has the highest taxes for cell phones. Nevada has no rules for taking tax on personal income. New Hampshire is very famous for having very low tax rates.
New Mexico does not have any taxation rules for inheritance and has very low property taxes. New York has one of the highest tax burdens. North Dakota is famous for a high collection of severance tax. Oregon has one of the highest income tax rates. South Dakota, Wyoming and Tennessee do not have taxation rules for income. Texas major source of revenue is through its taxation. Washington does not have taxes on income, but it has high estate tax.
Conclusive statistics
The mentioned points explain the facts regarding the taxes in US. Tax Foundation analysis forms the basis of property taxation statistics. Seven states of US have no income tax. Washington DC and sixteen other states have estate taxes. Eight states have inheritance tax.