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In the last years many businesses and individual people where having problems in getting a loan but this year lending money is getting a lot better.
In this year first quarter the loans have increased with around 11% from last year and this is because many U.S. companies are trying to borrow huge amounts based on the current low interest rates. In other words more than 28% of the banks are now offering lower interest rates than at the end of the last year.
If in 2007 the credit offered to nonfinancial businesses and households was around $2.2 trillion the amount have started to decrease until 2011 when the amount was just $336 billion. Last year the credit offered in U.S. was around $713 billion and with the first quarter of 2013 exceeding all the expectations we can expect a huge increase until the end of the year.
A huge reason for this lending increase is also the fact that most of the banks have cahnged their services offered for people with bad credit history and of course for young people.
We can say that at this moment the U.S. economy is becoming better and this is also sustained by the increased number of jobs created which last month have dropped the unemployment to a 7.5% low rate.
At this moment there are people with bad credit history with improved chances of getting a car loans. The same thing we can say about the mortgage lending which is also increasing after in the first quarter of the year the home loans have increased at an annual rate of 1.4%.
This recover of the housing market also means that we will see an additional boost with the americans becoming wealthier while their home values will increase. This can include the lenders becoming more comfortable to lend money.