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At some point we all make plans for our retirement and this is an important step in our life because we need to choose wisely. A recent study from Bankrate is speaking about the 10 most worst U.S. states where you should not retire because of different resons like local crime rates, taxes and costs of living.

Because people should know exactly the best and the worst places where they can live, here are 10 of the states where your retirement may be difficult.

10) Delaware
In Delaware the cost of living is a little higher that the average costs and the retirement can be a little difficult here despite the low local taxes and a nice temperate climate.

Another reason why you could have some problems in case you make your retirement to Delaware is the high crime rate which is around 3,900 per 100,000 people and is one of the highest in the nation.

9) Minnesota
The cost of living, the state and local taxes which are around 10.8% from income but also the cold weather are making from Minnesota one of the worst places to retire. This is despite the crime rate which is below the average.

8-7) Maryland and Vermont
Maryland and Veromont are on a tie in the regard of the worst state to retire.

For Maryland the reasons are well know because of his high crime rate and high state and local taxes.

For Vermont one of the resons is the weather with an average of 43 degrees which means that is one of the coldest states in U.S. Also the local taxes are a little too higher that the average.

Both Maryland and Vermont are also having high costs for living. Even with these things both states are also having some positives.

6) Maine
In Maine the crime rate is low and also the medical access is great but there are also some bad things in this state which can make people not to choose tho retire in this area.

The Maine state is one of the coldest states with an average of only 41.4 degrees in the last 30 years. Also the local taxes and the cost of living are very high.

5) Wisconsin
Wisconsin is also one of the colder states in U.S.  and the local taxes are around 11.1%.

The cost of living is also higher than the average and this is one of the main reasons why retiring here can be a little tricky if you can’t afford the spendings.

Anyway, Wisconsin is a nice place to visit and with a very low crime rate can also be a good place for living if you can afford.

4) California
The reasons why California is on this list are because of the high costs of living and high local taxes. Also the California residents are paying around 11.2% in taxes from their income.

Even so, there are many things which are making people to retire here and some of these are the beaches, the weather and Disneyland.

3) Washington
Washington is having a crime rate above the average and also the cost of living is a little higher than the average. On these two reasons we can also add the fact that this state has a cold weather.

Even so people are liking Washington for the natural beauty that they can find here.Also Washington is one of the 9 states which doesn’t require a personal income tax.

2) Alaska
First we should say that the state of Alaska has the smaller tax burden with just 7% and is one of the few states in U.S. which doesn’t require a state income tax or a sales tax.

But of course like we all know Alaska is the coldest state in U.S. with an average of 35.9 degrees. Also the cost of living is extremely high (almost like the cost of living in Hawaii).
1) Oregon
This list first state where you should not consider to retire is Oregon and the reasons are many.

The state and local tax are very high in comparison with he average tax, the cost of living is also very expensive and the crime rate is also at a high level. We can also speak about the weather wich is a little colder than the last 30 years average but the main reasons are the first ones.